The Rössing Foundation


Fulfilling our commitment to Namibia



Executive Director

Despite challenging times for the Namibian economy and more specifically, for the mining industry, Rössing Uranium and our partners continued with their commitment to support the Rössing Foundation’s programmes and activities. The support enabled us to execute the multitude of intervention programmes we are involved with, as outlined in this report.

We strive to fulfil our commitment to support the Government of Namibia continuously improving primary and secondary education and to assist with the diversification of our local economy through supporting small- and medium-scale enterprises.

The invaluable lessons we’ve learned over the past 41 years since the Foundation’s inception, informed our strategies and programmes to suit the everchanging needs of the people and communities in our country. The success achieved thus far would not have been possible without the positive working relationship we have established with our many stakeholders and partners, especially the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture. We strongly believe it is only through cooperation that we can make a positive impact to the development of Namibia.

In conclusion, a special word of thanks is extended to the members of the Board of Trustees who completed their voluntary service at the Rössing Foundation, namely Hon. Asser Kapere and Mr Prince Shiimi. We appreciate you positive contribution and guidance throughout your term.

Job Tjiho