Message from the Executive Director, Rössing Foundation

This Annual Report highlights the Rössing Foundation’s activities from January to December 2015.

During the 37 years since its inception, the Rössing Foundation has built a solid reputation as a leading non- governmental organisation in sustainable education and community support in Namibia. Through the Foundation’s education and training activities, communities and groups can acquire the additional skills and knowledge they need to improve their quality of life.

We’ve learned many lessons throughout the years and adjusted our strategies and programmes according to the ever-changing needs of Namibian communities. We are tremendously proud of our successes, which we would not have been able to achieve without the positive working relationships we have established with our many stakeholders and partners, especially the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture.

It is our privilege to assist the Government of Namibia in addressing the educational challenges that Namibia faces by offering opportunities for teachers to acquire content knowledge in English, Mathematics and the Sciences.

In addition, we continue to support learners in their quest to improve their competencies in these subjects, as well as providing services to the communities neighbouring Rössing Uranium Limited.

During 2015, the Rössing Foundation continued with its broad range of activities across a wide spectrum of community development areas. In this report we share with your our many activities in the fields of education and training, as well as development support to small and medium enterprises.

We welcome your feedback on our activities. We also invite all potential sponsors and partners to share with us ideas or projects that can make a positive impact on people’s lives.


Job Tjiho

Executive Director
Rössing Foundation