Library services

The main purpose of the Rössing Foundation’s libraries is to ensure that learners, teachers and other community members have access to information and books, as the improvement of reading skills in turn contributing to the attainment of good results at school and a broader range of knowledge in general. The libraries exhibit materials based on monthly themes, provide information, and assist learners with school projects, homework and research.

The libraries also provide photocopy and internet services to the community, teachers and learners.

In 2015, a total of 35,381 learners, teachers and community mem- bers utilised the Foundation’s libraries at the Swakop mund and Arandis centres, while 13,315 learners, teachers and community members made use of the Ondangwa Centre’s library.

The Ondangwa Centre’s librarians visited a nearby pre-primary school, the Oshitapo Early Child- hood Centre located in the Ohangwena township of the same name. The 22 children at the kindergarten were very excited to receive the materials the librarians brought them such as paper and colouring pens and to be shown phonics video clips, sing songs, and have stories read to them.

At the Ondangwa Centre’s library, 190 learners registered as library members and 118 learners’ projects were supported. New library skills were also taught every month. The librarians also visited three schools: Shinime- Shiimvula Primary School, Oluno Primary School, and Olukolo Primary School, with a total of 65 learners and 14 teachers participating in activities.


Table 3: Library statistics: 2015