Learner Based Support Programme


Pre- and Junior Primary Learners Support


The Pre-Primary Reading Programme seeks to instil a passion for reading at an early age by engaging learners in lively and active reading sessions and by offering further opportunities to read in the available Rössing Foundation libraries. The programme yielded positive results, benefiting 4,039 learners who attended classes regularly.

The assistance provided by the Rössing Foundation aimed at improving the reading competencies of the learners is not done in isolation, but is inclusive of class teachers as indirect beneficiaries to gaining different teaching and facilitating approaches.

The graph and table below indicate learner attendance in English, Mathematics and the Science subjects and benefit frequencies at all Rössing Foundation centres during 2018.

A total of 315 grade 0 learners benefited from the Reading Programme through story-reading time, games and puzzles during 2018. Of the 315 learners, 295 were from the Arandis Centre while 20 were supported by the Ondangwa Centre even though the centre does not have an education officer for the Junior Primary School level.

The Tamariskia Centre did not focus at this level of education development in 2018.


junior primary phase Grades and Subjects

Senior Primary Learners Support

All Rössing Foundation centres assisted an average of 1,167 per month against the planned 70 per grade or 630 annual target of the Senior Primary phase learners throughout 2018. However, the number of beneficiaries in the Science subjects and English language needs to be amplified in 2019.

Senior Primary Learners Support


Junior Secondary Learners Support

Mathematics continued to be very popular among learners in all grades. The high learners’ interest in Mathematics has resulted in good grades in national examinations over the years and 2018 was not different. However, English and the Sciences remain a challenge with continuous fluctuating attendance.

junior secondary learners support


Senior Secondary Learners Support

Attendance, and consequently the benefits to learners in English and Mathematics, has improved monumentally. The concern remained with the Science subjects and a new Science Education Officer was appointed, commencing with duties beginning January 2019. The Ondangwa Centre has done well in supporting the learners in English, Mathematics and the Sciences. The grade 9 and 12 Physical Science learners who were supported during the school holiday came from different schools, such as Westside High School, Namib High School, Swakop Senior Secondary School (SSS), Duinesig High School, Okakarara SSS, Rukonga Vision School, St. Boniface SSS, Etosha SSS, Gabriel Taapopi SSS, Osahakai Secondary School, Andima Toivo ya Toivo SSS, Iihenda, Oshigambo, Ekulo Secondary, St. Mary’s Odibo, Eheke Secondary, Onawa Secondary School, Hans Daniel Namuhuia SSS and Kuisebmond SSS.

senior secondary learners support



Overall, the English Department at all the centres supported 3,611 learners from grade 1 to grade 12. The learners were assisted through the outreach initiatives, as well as centre-based activities in Oshana and Erongo regions.

The Arandis Centre supported 1,942 grades 1 to 12 learners and the Ondangwa Centre supported 1,164 learners while the Tamariskia Centre supported 505 learners. The low number of beneficiaries at the Tamariskia Centre can be ascribed to more available opportunities in Swakopmund, while beneficiaries in Arandis and Ondangwa depended mostly on the assistance provided by the Rössing Foundation.


In total, 15,395 learners were supported in Mathematics by all Rössing Foundation centres during 2018.

The Arandis Centre benefited 7,046 learners, Ondangwa Centre 1,480 learners while Tamariskia Centre benefited 6,869 learners.


A total of 1,974 learners were supported at all Rössing Foundation centres in Natural Science and Health Education, Physical Science, Life Science and Biology. They consisted of 89 grade 4 and 253 grades 5 to 7 learners who benefited from support in Natural Science and Health Education, 998 from Physical Science, 202 from Life Science while 432 benefited from support provided in Biology.

Special training was conducted for 26 Junior and Senior Primary school learners in Natural Science and Health Education and also on some communicable diseases such as Hepatitis E.


mastermath class

Learners from the Swakopmund Secondary School during the Mathematics sessions at Rössing Foundation Tamariskia Centre.

biology class

Mr Chikede volunteered to teach learners in Biology Higher Level during holiday sessions at the Rössing Foundation Ondangwa Centre.



Sponsored by Sanlam Insurance Namibia, the Rössing Foundation education team supported the Haimbili Haufiku Senior Secondary School in English, Mathematics, Physical Science and Biology subjects.

The Haimbili Haufiku Senior Secondary School, located east of Eenhana in the Ohangwena Region, was supported at two occasions during September 2018. The support programme targeted teachers and learners that are doing the subjects at High Level. Learners of Dr Abraham Iyambo Senior Secondary School also participated and benefited indirectly from the intervention.

Haimbili Haufiku Senior Secondary School

General Manager of Brand and People, Mr Evans Simataa of Sanlam Insurance Namibia, at the official signing of the agreement with Rössing Foundation; next to Mr Simataa are Ms Adri Sachse, Mr Job Tjiho and Mr Edmund Swartz of Rössing Foundation.


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