Community Support


Rössing Foundation recognises that support programmes to stimulate community involvement is key to develop and maintain social cohesion, while strengthening a sense of ownership among community members. Therefore, it continues to actively support initiatives in this regard.



Adult English Comprehension sessions through Reading and Writing has commenced in Arandis. The aim was to improve the ability of the participants to comprehend more advanced English language through reading and discussing, then writing about topics in class and at home. The ten-session class, which started mid-2018, met three times a week for one and a half hours.

Currently, six to eight beneficiaries attended continuously and two attended part-time due to scheduling conflicts. In class, the learners reviewed the following:

  • Complex sentence structure
  • Basic essay writing
  • Comprehension through creative writing
  • Essay outlining, and
  • Analysing a story.

In addition, the Ondangwa Centre, in partnership with the Oshana Education Directorate, trained community members and Correctional Services Officers from the Ministry of Safety and Correction Services in the use and skills of presentation, using Microsoft Power Point software program.


In order to engage young people in healthy social activities during their free time, the Dominoes Club was started in Arandis. The club meets regularly on Mondays and Wednesdays.


In conjunction with Peace Corps Namibia, the Rössing Foundation developed a series of lectures under the theme “Why not you?”, aimed at motivating school learners.

The purpose of the lectures is to expose learners to career options they might not otherwise have considered, and to inspire them to stay in school and continue their studies in order to achieve their career goals.

Learners from UB Dax Primary School and Talitha Kumi Christian Academy participated, and the lecture series was well received. The same lecture was also presented in Karibib to 75 learners.


The Rössing Foundation successfully assisted the Arandis Town Council with the re-activation of the Arandis Amphitheatre where the community can watch free movies on a biweekly basis since mid-2018. The movie night contributes to building social cohesion in the Arandis community and provides an opportunity for local small- and medium-scale enterprises to market their products to community members.

The Rössing Foundation recognises that indirect help through community involvement is key to developing and maintaining a strong small- and medium-scale enterprises environment. This philosophy translated into planning with the community on the future improvement to the Arandis Amphitheatre by soliciting views and recommendation from community members on various topics, such as the seating, refurbishment and seat arrangement, who should be engaged to fix the fence around the theatre, as well as vendor access and lighting to the theatre.