Investing in people and communities for the past 41 years.


The Rössing Foundation was established in 1978 through a Deed of Trust to serve as a vehicle for overseeing and implementing Rössing Uranium’s corporate social responsibility activities in Namibia. The Foundation focuses mainly on programmes and projects which are aligned to the following mandates:

  • To further the education of all Namibians in order to achieve greater national productivity and enhance lifelong learning
  • To encourage the creation and/or to create opportunities for people to use their education
  • To promote the advancement of living standards of all the people in Namibia, and
  • To provide any service, which in the opinion of the Trustees, shall benefit Namibia or its inhabitants.

In order to align programmes and projects to these mandates, the Rössing Foundation directs its efforts mainly to the following:


  • the improvement of primary and secondary education through the implementation of centrebased and national outreach teachers’ and learners’ capacity support programmes

  • the development of the local workforce and of specialised vocational skills though the provision of scholarships, apprenticeship and part-time study opportunities, and

  • the diversification and strengthening of the local economy through support to small- and medium-scale enterprises.

All education programmes and projects activities that the Rössing Foundation drives or supports are formulated in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in cooperation with several Education Directorates of the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture.

The operations of the Rössing Foundation are aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals, the Fifth National Development Plan (NDP5) and the Harambee Initiatives in the following manner:

economic transformation

Support to Arandis SMEs
The Rössing Foundation and the Arandis Town Council recognise that small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the high-level backbone of the town’s economic development and need opportunities to render services. Support is provided in business plan development, micro-finance collateral, business linkages and marketing, desert agricultural development, and training and mentoring.

Support to SMEs in Erongo Region
Institutional support is provided to small-scale miners through value addition, business development service and marketing linkage.
The Ûiba-Ôas Crystals Market at the T-junction off the B2 Road to Spitzkoppe was established by the Rössing Foundation and the Erongo Regional Council to assist small-scale miners in improving their business ventures.

Puma Filling Station: A tripartite arrangement was created between the Rössing Foundation, Arandis Town Council and Puma Namibia with the aim to create a conducive business environment for Arandis, and to attract investors to invest in the town for its sustainability.

social transformation

Basic Education: Centre-based Support
The Rössing Foundation addresses the delivery of classes in English, Mathematics and the Sciences at its Education Centres located in Arandis, Swakopmund and Ondangwa.

National Outreach Programme
The Rössing Foundation’s Mobile Laboratory brings education to rural areas, in the spirit of the call from H.E. Hage G Geingob, President of Namibia: “No one should feel left out”.

environmental sustainability

Support to Ohungu Conservancy
The Rössing Foundation supports the conservancy in institutional development, the reduction in human-wildlife conflict, wildlife monitoring and value addition activities such as crafts and leather works.



This annual report highlights the Rössing Foundation’s involvement, improvement and noticeable achievements made, as well as various challenges encountered during the implementation of the educational and the enterprise development programmes, and community engagement in the town of Arandis.


Educational support

The Education Development Programme focuses on empowering teachers, learners and community members through the provision of instruction in English, Mathematics, Biology, Life Science, Natural Science and Health Education, Physical Science, and offering library services, thereby meeting the first two mandates as set by the Board of Trustees in 1978.


Enterprise development

The Enterprise Development Programme is geared towards improving the livelihood of Namibians through support to small- and medium enterprises, small-scale miners, agriculture and youth development initiatives.


Community involvement

The Community Involvement activities focus on the town of Arandis, building on our philosophy that community involvement of the residents is key to foster and maintain social cohesion and a sense of ownership.