Arandis: economic transformation in action

Rössing Uranium Limited and the Rössing Foundation continue to support the Arandis Town Council in their efforts to make Arandis sustainable beyond the life of the surrounding mines.

Since the Arandis Town Council's development and implementation of its Ten-year Strategic Joint Plan (2006–2016), Arandis has become known for its relentless drive towards economic transformation. The town has become an investment destination, characterised by the amount of economic development created there since the start of the transformation process in 2006.


Land development

The Arandis Town Council has applied for an additional 8,000 ha to expand its current boundaries and now awaits their formalisation by the relevant ministries. The Town Council has also approved the establishment of an industrial park as part of its Logistics Opportunity Programme. The layout of the industrial park has received the go-ahead, and development partners are now being sought.


Challenges in developing Arandis

Speculation by potential residential developers through the practice of 'land banking' needs to be closely monitored since their accumulation of parcels of land aggregated in this manner then blocks the ability of other developers to invest in Arandis.

Performance clauses have been included in land sales' contracts to mitigate this risk but it still hinders progress. The demand for housing has increased significantly and although the Council has made land available for housing, developers are still dragging their feet when it comes to actually constructing residential buildings.

The provision of municipal services in the town has become expensive; this is due to the hard rock surface in the area and these rising costs result in delays in the servicing of land.

The closure of the Dantago Clothing company had a huge impact on the revenue of the Council, as well as on the livelihoods of the employees who were laid off – most of whom are female. The closure contributed to the increased rate of unemployment in the town.